Einar Jarmund and  Håkon Vigsnæs

Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vigsnæs

Phone: +47 40 44 16 46 ، +47 22 99 43 43

Email: post@ejco.no , post@vi-ko.no

Website: http://www.jva.no/


Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter MNAL was established in 1996 by Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vigsnæs. Alessandra Kosberg became partner in 2004. The firm is located in Oslo, Norway.
We are working in a wide architectural range with commissions mainly in Norway but also in other European countries. The majority of our finished works are public buildings and housing projects. We have also involved in urban planning and building interiors; aiming to cover all corners of the architectural field. We are focusing on the independent concept for every single project, avoiding general stylistic approaches.

Architecture should start at the beginning of any planning process, primarily it is a tool of organizing.

Our role is to invest imagination into production, bringing a sense of place that will affect your emotions. The practice in JVA is “process-oriented”; we investigate, consider many options, approach new material and structural solutions, and make new inventions to enrich each project.



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