Winners of Bagh-E-Irani Poster Competition 2017

Winners of Bagh-E-Irani Poster Competition were announced in the ceremony of Bagh-e-Irani Day on 12th October.

Among 127 artwork, 12 were selected as the top 10 by Kamran Heirati, Shahriar Sirous, and Firouz Firouz. 



1- Bardia Haji Rasouliha

Bardia Haji Rasouliha



2- Farnoosh Bandi

 Farnoosh Bandi



3- Bahar Kamali

Bahar Kamali



4- Mohammad Hassan ForouzanFar

 Mohammad Hassan ForouzanFar



5- Mojtaba Alihasani



6- Vahid Sadrai Far

Vahid Sadrai Far



7- Mohammadreza Amini

Mohammadreza Amini



8- Mohammadreza Sedaghatnia

Mohammadreza Sedaghatnia



9- Leila Ghaffarian

Leila Ghaffarian



10- Pasha Nasekhi

Pasha Nasekhi