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The European Union Prize for
Mies van der Rohe Award presents
the first 
449 works competing in the 2022 edition!

For the first time since 2003, single houses (18,10%) has become the largest group of works, followed by collective housing (14,87%) and education facilities (14,01%),
surpassing buildings with specific cultural programs. Cultural facilities such as museums, theatres, galleries and congress centres represent an 11,64% of all works. This could be the result of the latest winners and finalists – Kleiburg in Amsterdam, Bordeaux Grand Parc, Navez 5 in Brussels, Ely Court in London and the Lobe Block in Berlin – which have highlighted the importance of good living conditions connected to the quality of design; but also of the current pandemic situation which has raised awareness on the quality of where we live and how people actually live, after staying at home for long periods of time; and the
public debate, including with EU policy-makers, on the housing crisis, in which the EU Mies Award participated through talks, exhibitions and projects with UN-HABITAT such as Urban Maestro.

Collective housing buildings are particularly outstanding in cities such as Barcelona (6), Paris (4) and Riga (3). For a very long time, the most prominent examples of collective housing quality came from public-funded constructions, so it is significant that on this occasion, 75% of the collective housing projects have been privately funded.
This important change in trend is mirrored by the fact that buildings for cultural facilities have decreased 6% (single houses have increased the same percentage). This could be the result of understanding cultural facilities in other ways such as being connected to other programs and finding ways to ensure maintenance costs with different strategies.

The figure is substantial and will need to be analysed.




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Year completed
2018 (Year began 2017)
Mork Ulnes Architects
Casper Mork-Ulnes (1973 Norway); Alexa Mork-Ulnes (1975 United States)
Construction company: Hafjell Bygg Sortland Structural engineering: Bygg Konsulentene Øst Moen Furniture: Strønes Snekkerverksted Strønes Design: Phi Van Phan, Kristine Line, Inez Tazi
Single house
Family, Holiday
Total area
2148 m2
Usable floor area
145 m2
570,000 €/m2
Casper and Lexie Mork-Ulnes
Client Type
LatLng: (61.46212360000001, 10.1011427)
Photo credit: 
©Bruce Damonte