The winner of the Kermanshah Workshop was introduced by the Iranian Architects Association and the Villa Magazine

The importance of architectural services use in Iranian building rules and regulations.

This workshop conference was held at the Imam Ali Museum of Art, with the support of the Iranian Architecture Designers Association and Villa Magazine. Top design of the House-School Workshop was selected among 10 projects and a building as a house for a teacher will be built in Kermanshah province, in a village; which is going to be a place for the gathering of villagers.

These pilot projects and prototypes of Iranian models are willing to persuade authorities to break available rules and regulations of educational buildings and schools in Iran.

They are bringing messages for building schools in rural areas of Iran.

Despite Iranian rich architectural background, the country currently has no architectural union to support such approaches. Therefore, we in Villa Magazine are seeking for any power to direct support in order to respect local origins and values.

Workshop Kermanshah
Photo: Arash Vakilzadeh


Intro to workshop

There is an urgent need to propose clever ideas in architectural designs that optimize the sustainable performance of the houses and schools specially those are learning and living in rural areas.

Numerous News have been reported about blaming poor construction quality and government corruption for uncomfortable living environments while tradition and innovation can be used to better the quality with less financial resources needed.  

We are planning to run a different workshop that will seek to combine the aspirational aesthetic qualities of modern life-style with the practical, culturally relevant qualities of traditional methods and materials.

Attendances will be part of exchanging knowledge, by experiencing short-term living and working in a community very different from their own. Learning will take place through finding local materials, assessing their quality and suitability, learning how to use and protect them, and finding ways of turning raw materials, such as local stone and clay, into high quality building elements.

The Attendances will continue to work on the project “School-House” in Kermanshah-Iran

Kermanshah’s climate is classified as warm and temperate. The winters are rainier than the summers in Kermanshah. The climate here is classified as Csa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average annual temperature is 13،3 °C in Kermanshah. The average annual rainfall is 437 mm.

Workshop Kermansh
Photo: Arash Vakilzadeh

Key to Workshop

As is the tradition in Iran, each member of the family is responsible for the well-being of all of the others. Each individual is indispensable for the survival of the community.

We, in ‘Villa Architecture Magazine’ and “AA Design Studio”, strongly believe the most successful development strategy is to trust in existing, readily available resources and to make the best out of it instead of getting depended on external systems.

For us, the key to sustainable development lies in community participation, not only in carrying out a project, but in conceptualizing it in the first place.

We truly consider education as the main base for development. Children accept change far more easily than adults. Therefore, designing schools for us is as important as designing houses.

We highly care about the constructions to be as economical and simple as possible. To enable the replication of the building designs, the buildings are made of materials which are abundant in the region.

Considering the modern life, climate and context, the main priority is to find a design which keeps the buildings standard without relying on complicated technologies.

Our design approach reaches way beyond health, comfort and energy-efficiency.