The first biennial of architecture competitions in Iran

The First Biennial Of Architecture and Urbanism Competitions

13-14 Oct.2018


The first biennial of the Iranian Architecture and urbanism Competition took place on October 13, 2018, at the "Shahid Avini Hall" of the University of Tehran.

photo: Amirabbas Aboutalebi

Professional panels were organized at the conference with the participation of experts in architecture competitions from Iran, Austria, Italy, and Germany. Architecture competitions and copywriting, architecture competitions and professional ethics, architecture competitions and media, architecture competitions and the experiences of Iranian and foreign offices, were the issues discussed by experts in these panels. In the end, questions and answers session with architects, faculties, and students of architecture was constituted.

photo: Amirabbas Aboutalebi

Other events related to the conference include the presentation of the book "Architecture and Urbanism Competitions, Global Experiences, Requirements, and Recommendations." An exhibition of the post-Islamic Revolution selected works of contemporary Iranian art competitions was run besides this seminar. 

photo: Amirabbas Aboutalebi

The closing ceremony of the first conference of the Iranian Architecture and Urbanism Competition was held on October 14, 2018, in the "Shahid Avini Hall", and was honored by the participants and supporters of the event.

Hanieh Farajzadeh l Villanews