Mehrdad Iravanian Speech

Exploring the Significance of Naming in Architectural Publications

Mehrdad Iravanian Iranian Architect

On the occasion of the Launch of the Villa Magazine "Italian Villas Issue"


November 15, 2023


Mehrdad Iravanian, Iranian Architect, Reflects on Architectural Magazine Naming: A Comparison of "Domus" and "Villa"

Mehrdad Iravanian, a prominent Iranian architect, shares insights on the naming of architectural magazines, specifically comparing the choices of "Domus" and "Villa." Drawing parallels to Gio Ponti's decision-making process, Iravanian delves into the historical, cultural, and architectural significance behind these terms, highlighting the nuanced meanings they convey.


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Mehrdad Iravanian reflects on the launch of the "Italian Villas Issue" of Villa Magazine, contemplating the choice of the name "Villa" and its implications in the realm of architectural publications. Drawing inspiration from the historical context and cultural connotations associated with the term, Iravanian contrasts it with Gio Ponti's selection of "Domus" for his magazine.

Iravanian explores the multifaceted reasons behind Ponti's decision to opt for "Domus" over "Villa," citing factors such as intercultural inclusiveness, historical significance, urban centrality, architectural symbolism, elegance, simplicity, and international appeal. He elucidates how Ponti's choice encapsulated a deliberate and thoughtful approach, symbolizing inclusivity, historical continuity, and a commitment to diverse architectural ideas.

In defense of the term "Villa," Iravanian presents a compelling argument, emphasizing its deep-rooted historical and cultural significance, connection to architectural heritage, tradition, continuity, and cultural refinement. He draws parallels between the evocative nature of "Villa" and its ability to convey a sense of enduring architectural tradition and cultural identity, akin to the resonance of "Domus" in architectural discourse.

Iravanian's analysis underscores the importance of naming in architectural publications, showcasing how the choice of a term like "Villa" or "Domus" can shape perceptions, evoke historical contexts, and convey a commitment to exploring the enduring aspects of design, dwelling, and cultural identity in the architectural world.

Through his thoughtful reflections, Iravanian invites readers to consider the intricate layers of meaning embedded in architectural magazine names, shedding light on the rich tapestry of historical, cultural, and architectural influences that inform these choices.


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