Finnish Villas Issue Annual Edition Release Ceremony

Villa Magazine  annual edition  to celebrate "Finnish Villas Issue" on Sep 17, 2020, at the Enghelab Sport Complex , entry based on limited invitation due to the COVID-19

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Have you ever wondered how the concepts of summer villas can be a part of the national environmental ideology; helping to build the national identities and nations as a whole?  Have you ever visited Europe’s most forested country with tens of thousands of lakes? How do you imagine Finnish traditional and modern architecture and what do you think about Finnish “Villa-Culture”?

       Until lately, Finn’s mentality and self-understanding have been strongly bound to nature, the countryside, and agrarian values. The summer villas that Finnish architects have designed for themselves over the course of the centuries are rooted in the same basic traditions of the Finnish lifestyle. It’s not just today’s “Villa-Life”. Villas represent the integration of modern architecture with vernacular and traditional Finnish architecture features.


Villa Riihi - OPEEAA
Villa Riihi - OPEEAA


       Villas as a sign play an important role in the development of Finland’s architecture through history. The tradition of the summer villas in Finland has often included a return to experiencing the pioneer spirit so that many architects who design their own villas or cottage view these buildings not only as a summer residence but as testing grounds for new ideas or the crystallization of concepts and theories. 


Villa Mecklin - Huttanen-Lipasti Architects
Villa Mecklin - Huttanen-Lipasti Architects


       Completed and unbuilt villa projects in Finland as like any modern country provide an opportunity for architects in testing new concepts and served as a prototype in future projects. The Finnish summer villas can also be regarded as experimental houses that provide the opportunity for architects to study a technical or functional aspect in concrete terms or to develop spatial ideas.


Four-Cornered Villa - Avanto Architects
Four-Cornered Villa - Avanto Architects


       In this edition (Finnish Villas issue) you will find 5 Finnish offices and 10 individual villa projects, which are statements of an effort and documentation of a movement of “Finnish Architecture”.  Also, you can read articles about “The importance of Villas in Finnish architecture”, “Villas by Alvar Aalto”, “Aalto’s experiments with wood”, “Finnish Log Villas”, and “Finnish log Villas in Iran” and more.


Villa Y - Huttanen-Lipasti Architects
Villa Y - Huttanen-Lipasti Architects




The Beginning

Villa History

Villa Typology

Villa Ideology

Villa Form and Style

Villa Culture

Villa Life

Villa as a Sign

Villa as a Media

Villa and Nature

Villa Purpose

Copyright Notice

Villas in Finland

The Importance of Villas in

Finnish Architecture

Avanto Architects

Villa Lumi
Four-Cornered Villa

Huttunen-Lipasti Architects

Villa Mecklin
Villa Y
Villa Kaukola
Villa Linnanmäki

Architectural Office Louekari

Villa Valtanen

OOPEAA Architecture/Anssi Lassila

Villa Riihi

Void Architects

Glass Resort
Pyramid House

Alvar Aalto


Villas by Aalto


Villas by Alvar Aalto

Aalto`s Experiments With Wood

Log Houses In Finland


Finnish Log Villas

Finn Raw Material

Finnish Log Villas In Iran


During the COVID-19 Outbreak, this event is Considered in a large, well-ventilated area/outdoors and will be conducted virtually by communicating online. It is highly recommended and remain at least 6 feet (or about 2 arms’ lengths) away from other tribal members and to wear a mask. 

(5pm to 9pm - flexible- rotated shift and attendance time)