Editor in chief speech - Italian Villas Edition

Villa Magazine's "Italian Villas Issue" Unveiled by Editor-in-Chief Amir Abbas Aboutalebi

On the occasion of the Launch of the Villa Magazine "Italian Villas Issue"


November 15, 2023

A Tribute to Italian Villa Architecture and Cultural Collaborations 

Amir Abbas Aboutalebi, editor-in-chief of Villa Magazine, has released the latest issue dedicated to Italian villas. This culturally rich and informative edition explores the history, evolution, and contemporary significance of villas in Italy, offering readers a comprehensive look at their architectural and cultural essence.

The issue features a chronology of Italian villas, inviting architects and researchers to delve into their enduring influence on modern architecture. Readers can also enjoy interviews with Italian critics, writers, and designers, shedding light on various aspects of villa history, life, typology, ideology, culture, purpose, form, and symbolism.

Highlighting 14 contemporary Italian architecture offices and showcasing 27 diverse projects across Italy, this issue promises to captivate architectural enthusiasts worldwide. The publication's simplicity-driven design approach showcases an upcoming Prop-Tech startup in the villa industry, hinting at innovative developments within the architectural landscape.


Discover more about Villa Magazine's "Italian Villas Issue" Unveiled by Editor-in-Chief Amir Abbas Aboutalebi. Click here to watch the full video on YouTube.



Allow me to begin by expressing my feeling for the recent passing of Andrea Branzi. His departure came just a few days before we sent this issue for printing, and it is with a heavy heart that we reflect on the unfinished discourse me and a friend had with him during our interview for Villa Magazine.

I am sincerely grateful for the exceptional efforts of the Villa Magazine team whose contributions and hard work have been instrumental in bringing this issue to fruition. Furthermore, I would like to extend my profound appreciation to the cultural section of the Italian embassy in Tehran for their collaboration throughout this issue. I am also grateful for the generous support extended by the esteemed Italian ambassador, Mr. Giuseppe Perrone.

"I embarked on my architectural journey after a job interview with esteemed architect Dr. Ken Yeang in 2005 in Malaysia. It was during that experience that I had the privilege of delving into the rich knowledge and wisdom of Eastern architecture, learning from great names like Kenzo Tange from Japan. I am honored to welcome the Japanese ambassador to this event and express my hopes for a fruitful collaboration with the Japan Foundation in the 3rd MA exhibition in Iran in 2024 in memory of Arata Isozaki.
My architectural journalism journey began with a visit to Norway, a place I consider my second home. During my time there, I had the opportunity to conduct face-to-face interviews and engage in meaningful discussions with various Norwegian architecture offices. My focus was on exploring the significant heritage of villas in Norway, which I believe holds great value for scholarly research.
I am immensely grateful to Mr. Sigvald Hauge for his attendance at this event. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the esteemed architects, speakers, donors, and other guests of honor who have joined us today."

Villa Magazine’s No. 15 is dedicated to showcasing villas in Italy. This issue serves as a cultural and scientific tool, providing unbiased and informative content about villas, with a specific focus on their architectural and cultural aspects as an ideal setting for conversations of "architectural inventions" and “Writing Architecture.”
In this issue, we present an overview of the history and evolution of villas in Italy, along with a chronology that invites architects and researchers to explore how these villas continue to inspire contemporary architectural movements. Additionally, readers will find three interviews with three esteemed Italian critics, writers, and designers. These interviews delve into various aspects of villa history, villa life, villa typology, villa ideology, villa culture, villa purpose, villa form, and villa as a sign. Furthermore, the magazine features 14 contemporary Italian architecture offices and showcases 27 projects located in different parts of Italy. These projects include modern villas, solo houses, pavilions, experimental villas, and future prototypes.
The Magazine's Cover Showcases Our Simplicity-driven Design Approach, while the Back Cover Unveils Our Upcoming Prop-Tech Startup in the Villa Industry.

It is my sincere wish that readers will discover a comprehensive monograph on villas in Italy within this issue. I firmly believe that this publication holds immense potential to become a trusted resource for architecture firms, scholars, and the global architecture community.

Thank you for coming and thank you for your continued support… 




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