Editor in chief speech

On the occasion of the Launch of the Villa Magazine "Norwegian Villas Issue".
March 8 th 2021

So there’s this thing we love – and we’re itching to share with the world how we feel about it; A second home, an escape, a sanctuary, a base for adventure, expeditions, ski trips,  bærsanking and bike rides. A place to relax, rejuvenate, and restore. 1

We feel like there might be something unique about our passion for villas that we could share with the world; “The villa does offer a larger degree of detachment from others, and often a larger connection with nature. The restorative powers of natural settings in contrast to the brawl of city life is an important part of the villa program.

Separation is an excellent word here. Human minds need to be restored.

Sometimes People need to step out of their life routines to zoom out, see things from a distance and find a meaning of things”. 2

Villas are a utopian setting for Architectural Inventions & Architectural Conversations and there is no borderline for such a dialogue among different cultures.

WE truly appreciate your attendance on this occasion.

Your presence will support our future.

I would like to invite our guests of honor, MrSIGVAL HAUGE.  Mr. KEIJO NARVANTO and Mr. MATTIAS LENTZ to receive a memorial gift and a sign of our true appreciation for their attendance.

May this be the start of a great cultural exchange between our 2 countries for the years and decades to come.

1- (The Norwegian hytte; The essential guide to the great Norwegian hytte-Jenny K Blake)
2- Dagur Eggertsson



Norway Issue
© Mitra Salehi