Bagh-e-Irani Poster Competition

Ramin Rahmaninejad

an international artist based in Shiraz

The poster of 2017 is the artwork of Ramin Rahmaninejad, an international artist based in Shiraz.


About Ramin Rahmani Nejad:

Shiraz University graduate (Master of Electronics) 

Ph.D. student at Augsburg University (Electronics)

Trained at Photo Analysis Course in the international courses held by (2012 & 2013)

Participation in the group exhibition of in Antalya- Turkey (September 2013, «The Mosque of Colors»)

Collaboration in the publication of two articles about the structure of photography sensors in German journal "GEO" (May 2012 & April 2013)

Collaboration in the publication of an article in the National Geographic-Germany 125th anniversary special issue

A selective publication from «The Mosque of Colors»  in The Times (February 2015)

Full publication of «The Mosque of Colors» in a number of websites and international news agencies

Publication of artworks in national journals since 2014

Holding a free training course about photography in Iran  (In collaboration with the campaign "Must See Iran" Winter 2014- Shiraz)

Holding the photo exhibition of «The Mosque of Colors» on the occasion of International Mosque Day- with the intention of donating the money to the construction of a cancer specialized hospital in south

Introduction of artworks by the press, websites and Persian language journals

Selected as first film and photo festival winner by domestic cultural heritage- winter 2014

Publication of photos from the Islamic Republic of Iran First TV Channel- November 2014

A holder of regular training courses about urban photography in Shiraz titled as Shiraz Photowalk

The first host of Photowalk international competition in Shiraz and south of Iran, October 2016

Honorary Member of jury (2012 & 2012)

An official artist member of

Freelance photography and photo editing techniques teacher

Writer and freelance journalist in national and international media

Board member of Shiraz photo forum

The winner of the Bagh-e-Irani Poster Competition will be selected as the poster of 2018 and will be announced in the ceremony on 12th October 2017.