A note on the Book of Contemporary Iranian Architects by Meghdad Sharif

Contemporary Iranian Architects| New Space: Movement and Experience by Negar Hakim

The pursuit of being contemporary maybe is the most important goal of Iran's architecture nowadays.

Iran’s contemporary architects' book by Negar Hakim is a good and clear review for this Movement.

This Book Mainly speaks of  “borderless generation” in 14 seasons that play important role in last 4 decades as part of Iran's art history.


Wojciech Czaja in the second preface of this book in the title of “Building Iran: A new space for architecture?” talking about “new space” that creat by this new generation and in his opinion the result is more successful than other communities with the same context in the middle east like Arab countries. Furthermore, He believes that this new generation of Iran's architect prefers a critical and artistic approach to architecture rather than following traditional styles or patterns.

About the process of selecting architecture offices, Negar Hakim in the first preface of the book says: the distinctive features of these skilled architects are centered, above all, on ‘courage’, ‘agility’ and ‘avoiding Idealism’. This is a generation that dared to go down the path experimentation in the absence of large local studios nonetheless gained experience by executing large-scale projects.