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Setthakarn Yangderm, Parpis Leelaniramol

TOUCH Architects Co.,Ltd. was first established since 2014. It was changed from TOUCH STUDIO Architect partnership, with four years experiences into a company. With a great chance  of an improvement, we have four main cofounder consist of Mr. Setthakarn Yangderm as an architect and leader of our firm, Ms. Parpis  Leelaniramol, Mr. Kitti Amnuaysopon, and Mr. Kongkiat Poonlaphdecha. Now, we have 8 people working in our firm which are, 5 architects, 1 interior architect, and 2 engineers, which will corporate together in design, construction, and management.


"TOUCH" comes from our philosophy that we respect your need and preference, and it is our desire to make your imagination becomes reality. So with a touch of ours, your idea will be delivered. We  promise to  fulfill  your  inspiration and  make it happen, since we  believe that architecture is  not just a  building.  It is where we  live, work, relax or even learn.  We spend  most  of our lives in it. So, in time, it has become such a memorial to us. Also, it is one of the most fascinating aspects of human skills since the beginning  of time. It indicates a timeline, as well as an expression of life, society, culture, and intellect. It is undeniable that architecture is a functional art which tells us many stories. Without architecture, there would be no buildings or art of any kind.

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