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HOLODECK architects

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HOLODECK architects are an Austrian company with more than 25 years of professional experience. Numerous realized projects have gained international recognition in the field of urban planning and architecture. In close cooperation with the client innovative approaches in urban schemes and architectural projects have been awarded for their quality. An established network of experts in the fields of structural engineering, building physics, renewable energy and topography as well as cost control and site supervision is supported during design process and building conversion.

HOLODECK architects have participated in lecturing since 1996. This includes visiting professorships and workshops in Bangkok and Turin, Paris and Vienna. Providing lectures and design workshops at the Technical University of Vienna encompassing housing, building construction, architectural design and urban design which substantiate the comprehensive competence of the architecture team of Marlies Breuss and Michael Ogertschnig with their staff members.

Founded 1998 as an architecture atelier and general planer office in Vienna and Berlin.


Studied piano and composition, graduated in architecture from TU Vienna, postgraduate studies at SCI Arc in Los Angeles M.Arch.II, University lecturer at TU Vienna since 1996, Member of Architecture prizes and juries in international competitions since 2004. Visiting Professor 2018/19 at the Institute of Architecture and Design, Vienna University of Technology.


studied architecture at Vienna University of Technology, postgraduate course at IAAS / MACBA in Barcelona. teaching assignments at TU Vienna. Member of Architecture prizes and juries in national competitions since 2006.






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