A House for an Architect, Group No.09

A House for an Architect, Group No.09

A House for an Architect, Group No.09

A House for an Architect, Group No.09

Location: Yazd, Iran

Architect: AA Design Studio

Client: Badrieh Dehghan

Material: Brick

Design date: 2017

Site area: 324m2

Built area: 350m2

Architecture Firm: AA Design Studio IR

Author Architects : Amirabbas Aboutalebi, Babak Behnoud

Social & Strategic Designer/Advisor: Mohammadreza Haeri

Energy Analysis: Badrieh Dehghan, Ehsan Fatemi


Group No.09

This project is located in an area of 288 square meters with a stretch toward northwest - south-east in Yazd. The idea of this project is based on the comparison of the yard's position in traditional and modern houses. The courtyard in the traditional houses is located in the center while in the modern home it is usually in front of or behind the building’s mass. In this design, both of these spatial qualities are provided for the project by the presence of an outer courtyard in front and an interior courtyard in the heart of the mass. In order to connect two courtyards to each other a corridor which is one of the original elements of local architecture called Sabat is used. Between the outer and inner courtyard, more public spaces are placed on the ground floor and the first floor while private spaces are located on the inner edge of the courtyard to the end of the site. The second floor is also dedicated to completely private spaces. By creating a gap in the heart of the building, the designers attempt to provide suitable ventilation and appropriate lighting inside the building, so that all spaces can apply direct natural light during the day. By creating a roof garden on the front of the building on the second floor, better view and lighting was provided for the spaces. two distinct connective space were used to join various parts of the buildings on different levels. In the interior, Kitchen is designed as the heart of the house with the ability to supervise and control other spaces. A garden pit created in the yards try to improve the spatial quality.to resolve the issue of humidity, a vertical element with embedded green space is placed in the project to create moisture with a louver plate on its façade to signify a wind tower.

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