The Introduction ceremony of Kermanshah Workshop

Author: Sahar Keshmiri

On May 10th and Along with the unveiling of Villa Magazine No.07 in Ariana Gallery, the new workshop of “A House for a Teacher” was introduced publicly.

The meeting was held by participation of Cultural and Art activists along with architects and business corporates of Villa Magazine such as Ali Akbar Nasr Abadi, Anooshe Mansoori, Ramin Parsa and Hooman Balazadeh. The workshop participants, Jury and the client, Mrs. Mahdye Dehghan, discussed and evaluated the workshop of Yazd, named, “A House for an Architect”. Hooman Balazadeh in a short interview with the client regarding the conclusion of the workshop stated that the dialogues between participants and the client are amongst the most important features of the workshop.

In his opinion, such workshops are a great opportunity to focus on the issue of habitats in a specific geography and climate and in an abstract state and hopefully Kermanshah workshop, as a second experience of Villa Magazine and AADesign Atelier, will prove to assign more time to investigating the field. Mrs. Dehghan, currently busy with approving final structural drafts of the winning project, evaluated the overall experience of the workshop as successful and announced that in a few weeks and after approving the final civil revisions the design will finally enter the executive stage.

In the introduction ceremony, the invitees were presented with the concepts and purposes of the new workshop and discussed its different dimensions, potentials and capabilities both in the field of architecture and charity. In the end, a meeting with the presence of Mojtaba Jabbari, Behrooz Abbasi, Alireza Jahromi and Amirabbas Aboutalebi took place where financial and moral support of the workshop was discussed.