Villa Magazine is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers and art professionals from around the globe to participate in celebrating and highlighting design excellence.

Villa is an architecture and design magazine founded in 2015 by architects, Amirabbas Aboutalebi and Saman Mesgarian. Published by editorial board of Villa, the magazine is issued on a seasonal basis and has its headquarters in Yousefabad, Tehran.

Villa recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine architectural design to address issues of globalism, culture and health using implementation of design innovation, novel technologies and materials from the architectural digital revolution era.

It is a forum that examines the relationship between architecture and the natural world, community and urban settings.

To achieve the highest quality, Villa is printed by the state of art printing technology, custom-built in Switzerland and Japan.

We try to develop good approaches to study, analyze, preserve and transform social and cultural activities within the urban context.

Villa team holds educational workshops for students and is committed to provide support and training for emerging design professionals.

Villa accepts donations for its architectural, cultural and educational activities.