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We worked both on private and public commissions. As the key aspect of his work, he regards the rational approach, the search for new methods, and the protection of cultural values. Our studio has produced several prize-winning competition designs for public spaces.


It is very difficult to summarize such a question and give you the motto. Probably I regard the tradition and history as the two main themes for us. Architecture, which has been always set in specific era, and it surely represents paradigms of this period. The tradition and its creative transformation has always been the natural platform for architectonic expression of its period. Unfortunately, we are separated from the tradition for good; to get back in history (before modern period) is not possible any more. Still we are left with huge power and magnetism; we need to make good use of it. Whether we want or not, we are influenced by the tradition, and its remainders are in our conscience. What we are trying to do is to combine these traditional elements with contemporary means (we don’t have any other). We are working with the concept which helps us to keep the fragmented parts of the construction. I guess that this concept should be able to replace the tradition in a way. At the end “the Grand Story” of tradition is replaced for a tale with personal story


Our buildings are always linked to the landscapes but their relation to it is not always harmony but we often work with significant contrast. However, we always try to be very considerate to the surroundings and affect it as little as possible. Villa Frýdava is also an example of such an approach – the plinth of the house consists of a concrete leg that minimizes the contact with steep natural hillside. The house itself (the living part of a cuboid shape lies on it and significantly extends beyond the plinth) flies over the countryside.


The architect is not the main factor that decides about the impact of buildings on the natural environment. His possibilities are rather limited but he has some tools to use: choice of the construction material, orientation of the building in relation to sun and wind, the degree to which the building is open etc.


Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to face the construction industry with mass media campaigns and legislations influenced by lobbying, at least in the Czech Republic. Also, the gradual disintegration of construction into individual specialized parts (heating, cooling, air-conditioning systems) does not help. Unfortunately, the more and more globalized construction industry uses the environmental topics commercially thus making them the exact opposite of what care for natural environment means. I believe that thanks to long-standing efforts of architects people will reassess how they perceive the need of their living space and their requirements to it. Thus, both the construction culture and construction industry will be refined.

I am not a huge believer in a miraculous progress in technologies. I believe in simplicity, wisdom of our ancestors and “common sense “in design. 



The founder of the studio (in 2008) :  Petr Uhlík / MgA. Ing. arch. Architect and urban planner


Uhlík architekti

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