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Sergei Tchoban, Architekt  BDA

TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten

Sergei Tchoban (born 1962 in Saint-Petersburg) is a Russian and German architect. He is managing partner of the Berlin office Tchoban Voss Architekten and director of the architectural office SPEECH in Moscow. He designed and built several internationally known buildings and ensembles in Germany and Russia, such as the Federation Complex in Moscow or the Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin. Tchoban curated twice the Russian Pavilion for the Architectural Biennale in Venice and in 2015 he was the architect of the Russian Pavilion for the EXPO in Milan. He is the founder of the first Biennale for young architects in Russia and jury chairman as well as jury member of several international architecture and drawing competitions.   


Currently we have construction projects all over Germany as well as in Russia. We plan, develop and build for both regional and international clients, in public and private sector. In addition to residential and business buildings, we focus on planning hotels, trade facilities, office complexes, lesure time facilities, schools, educational and social facilities, as well as reconstructions and revitalizations of historical monuments. We have been providing all kinds of architectural services − from interior architecture to general planning − ever since we went into business.

Some 140 highly qualified employees from all areas of architecture form a strong backbone of our competence. Our company’s internal services include construction of models, graphics design and comprehensive 3D visualisation. When needed, we also avail ourselves of an international network of competent engineers and specialist planners. We face the changes of our times with curiosity. We keep up to date through ongoing education and innovative technology. Tchoban Voss Architekten are members of the Association of German Architects (BDA), the chambers of architects in the German states of Hamburg, Berlin and Saxony, the European Architects Network (EAN) and the IDeA network. 


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