Paolo  Caravello

Paolo Caravello

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VOID ARCHITECTURE conceptualizes meaningful spaces and makes them into reality, with a taste for the exploration of the unusual and the unconventional. ARCHITECTURE Void Architecture takes pride in designing distinctive and unique buildings, where everyday life can be enjoyed in a visually-stimulating environment.

INTERIOR DESIGN Void Architecture creates communicative concepts that add value to spaces. PEOPLE Void Architecture gathers the best possible team around each project. Their network of designers and consultants is made of professionals with varied competences in the field of architectural design, developed on a wide range of international projects.

PAOLO CARAVELLO Architect Founder, CEO

JULIA MOH Interior Designer Hospitality and commercial fit-out projects

ERIK RISTOJA Architect Senior consultant and large scale residential expert

AKI HILTUNEN Architect Senior consultant

NETWORK PARTNERS Void Architecture collaborate tightly with well-respected companies that are considered to be the best in their field. Partners: Honkatalot, Polarlifehaus, Logpro, Furnest

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