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Kontio Glass villa

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Log Villas in Finland

Modern Log villas in Finland can be very flexible, ranging from classic mountain chalets to modern buildings with glass walls.

Today, construction of modern log villas as leisure homes is a fully developed industry in Finland. Modern log villas often feature fiberglass insulation and are sold as prefabricated kits machined in a factory, rather than hand-built in the field like ancient log cabins.

As a leader in the log home industry, Kontio in Finland has built a reputation as they supply their quality product to clients, builders and architects throughout the world. A special type of wood is the secret behind the longevity of these grand old wooden villas –Nordic golden slow– growth pine. It also contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial substances. In a growing tree these give it resistance to moisture, fungi and insects. This is especially important in locations with changeable weather conditions and high levels of rain and humidity.

 Stylish Interior Designs

Log villas can create a clean, light-coloured interior by selecting wood surfaces that are lightly coloured with translucent white. These light shades can also be used in the kitchen and on fixtures.

Natural pine-coloured walls are calming and form a beautiful interior background. And with Kontio’s anti-yellowing protection, the wooden surfaces will retain their beautifully light appearance. This design palette as a whole brings freshness with the light tinted floors and with light or perhaps subtly tinted fixtures.


log villas don’t just look good, they’re good for your health, too.

log villas are modern yet timeless, and they create the ideal living space – they’re relaxing, comfortable, and wonderful to live in. Their wooden structures are beautiful to look at, long-lasting, and energy efficient. Better still, the unique properties of Arctic pine create an especially healthy indoor environment to live in.

Indoor environments have a very important influence on health and wellbeing because people spend about 90% of their time indoors, either at home, at school or at work.

Antibacterial Kontio Arctic Pine™

Kontio Arctic Pine™ wood is strong, beautiful and long lasting, and it grows in the clean natural forests in Northern Finland far from cities and industry. It also has other properties which make it a superior choice of construction material. It contains many natural antibacterial substances, which give it resistance against moisture, mould and other harmful things. This makes Kontio villas durable and healthy, even in demanding rainy and moist conditions.

Fighting Asthma and Allergies

Arctic Pine™ wood absorbs moisture when the indoor air is too humid, and releases moisture back into the air when the humidity is too low. it creates a healthy microclimate by balancing the humidity in a room’s air. This “breathing” of logs ensures that the indoor air humidity remains within the optimal range for human health over a much broader range of conditions than in houses with painted or non-breathing structures. When indoor air is outside the optimal humidity range, the amount of dust, viruses and bacteria in the indoor air considerably increases. This can often lead to health problems such as respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, exhaustion and headaches.

Good for Your Heart

Studies have shown that massive wood structures can have positive health effects. In an Austrian study, the effect of different building materials on the heart rate of the students was studied. The results showed that the use of solid wood in classrooms could lower the heart rate, as well as reduce stress levels.
Children in massive wooden classrooms had, on average, 8,600 heart beats fewer per day than children in a painted plasterboard classroom. The stress peak which is common in the morning hours also decreased soon after the students arrived at school and did not return.