Amirabbas Aboutalebi

Publisher/CEO/Head Editor


Saman Mesgarian



Azadeh Shahcheraghi

Theoretical Board


Reza Najafian

Theoretical Board

Reza najafian is a young Iranian Designer and Architect who born in 1980. He received his M.Arch from Azad university, science and research branch. From 2002 to 2006 he worked at GAMMA consultant, completing numerous projects many of which won awards and honors. In 2012, Reza established his own practice, ReNa Design, Even as a young office, ReNa Design is a well established name of architecture and design and has been involved in a wide range os successful.

Shahab Mirzaeeian

Theoretical Board


Golrokh Shahbaz

Theoretical Board


Fatemeh Tajik

Theoretical Board


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Villa architectural Magazine’s approach?

The main approach of the magazine is setting priorities and defining categories of research and investigation of villa architecture in order to promote awareness and basic analysis of architects, architecture students, consumers, construction industry owners and villa builders.

Where can we buy the printed version of the magazine?

The print version of the magazine can be ordered via web portal / subscription. Also, architecture students can get it from library of universities and valid colleges in Tehran that are subscripted. A limited number of journals can be bought from Parham publications, selected book cities in Tehran and contemporary architects association.

What does the first digital magazine of architecture in Iran mean?

Villa quarterly periodical is the first architectural magazine that is digital printed in Sam designing house one by one and by each order. After preparing the necessary infrastructures, without limitation in time and locality, you will have the ability to order any of the previous volumes for any number from anywhere in the world.

Which ways are possible for cooperation with the magazine?

You can send your resume to the official website of magazine to get information about opportunities of cooperation.

How to apply architectural projects?

Only through web portal / submit via:

What are the conditions for franchising?

Magazine franchising in its traditional form is not possible.

What are the conditions for advertising in the magazine?

Products that are used in villas and have specific construction qualities are to be introduced in journal. It is noteworthy that Industries with potential to reduce energy consumption and reduce economic costs have special privileges for being introduced to architects and builders.

Which ideas will be supported by the magazine?

The magazine supports scientific researches, investigations, conversations, registration of contemporary villas, artworks and student works. It also supports business ideas and entrepreneurship in the legal field of villa industry.