Amirabbas Aboutalebi

Publisher/CEO/Head Editor

+ Founder and principal Architect at AA Design Studio

+ Founder at Architecture and Health Group in Iran

+ Press

Saman Mesgarian



Rana Sagha Zadeh

Theoretical Board

Rana Sagha Zadeh, M.Arch., Ph.D., Associate AIA, LEED AP, EDAC, is a tenure-track assistant professor and the co-director of the Health Design Innovations Lab in the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis at Cornell University.
Dr. Zadeh’s interest includes healthcare design, evidence-based design and the translation and application of scientifically tested research about design innovation into real-life policy and practice to achieve the best possible health, safety, quality, and efficiency outcomes via systems approach. Dr. Zadeh’s team is currently working on several projects. 

Fatemeh Tajik

Architect and Researcher

Theoretical Board

Golrokh Shahbaz

Architect and Researcher

Architect and Researcher

Hosna Pourhashemi

Researcher and Landscape Architect

Hosna Pourhashemi studied Landscape Architecture in Tehran, Vienna, and Zurich. She received a BA of Environmental Engineering from the University of Tehran, and a BA and an MA of Landscape Architecture from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria. She did her Masterwork by Professor Vogt in the Institute of Landscape Architecture at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) and got her Ph.D. from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria.

Hosna’s professional experience includes, among others, working at Vogt Landscape Architects in Munich, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland. She has worked on several important international projects such as Museum of World Culture and European Central Bank in Frankfurt, European Harbor in Bremen and Danube Channel in Vienna. She founded and directs XO-Studio as a modern cultural platform to promote and facilitate architectural and scientific exchange programs between Iran and Worldwide. Since 2013 she has cooperated with Thomas MeyerWieser, the expert on several cultures architecture including doing extensive research on Iran’s architectural developments over the past few millennia, and organized several architectural tours to Iran. 

Arash Vakilzadeh

Art Director

Arash Vakilzadeh 

Mahrokh Pooyanmehr


Architect and Interior designer 

Alireza Eftekharian

Marketing Manager

Alireza Eftekharian

Hanieh Farajzadeh

editorial board

Hanieh Farajzadeh, born in Tehran, Iran, in 1989. She received her master's degree in architecture from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran.

Mohammad Ghaffari

editorial board

Mohammad Ghaffari, born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1984. He achieved his Master's degree in architecture.


-Member of the International Committee of UNESCO Museums ICOM

-Art consultant of the stamp and communication museum council

-Tutor training courses interior architecture at Tehran University

-Founder and designer of the "Calc Design" group (Iran-Dubai)

-Member of Iranian Interior Architects Society

-Tutor training of the Iranian National Fashion Foundation

-Arbitrator of Iran Fashion Festival


Moscow l Emirate, Dubai l Armenia Expo l Sharjah Expo l London

About Villa

Established in 2016, Villa is an architecture and design magazine founded in 2015 by the architect, Amirabbas Aboutalebi, and Saman Mesgarian. Our printed version is published on a seasonal basis, is issued 4 times a year and has its headquarters in Yusefabad, Tehran, Iran.
Villa tries to recognize outstanding ideas that redefine architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, and aesthetics along with studies on globalization, sustainability, and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Villa architectural Magazine’s approach?

The main approach of the magazine is setting priorities and defining categories of research and investigation of villa architecture in order to promote awareness and basic analysis of architects, architecture students, consumers, construction industry owners and villa builders.

Where can we buy the printed version of the magazine?

The print version of the magazine can be ordered via for Iranian customers. The Digital version (pdf file) is accessible via 

What does the first digital magazine of architecture in Iran mean?

Villa quarterly periodical is the first architectural magazine that is digital printed in Sam designing house one by one and by each order. After preparing the necessary infrastructures, without limitation in time and locality, you will have the ability to order any of the previous volumes for any number from anywhere in the world.

Which ways are possible for cooperation with the magazine?

You can send your resume to the official website of magazine to get information about opportunities of cooperation.

How to apply architectural projects?

Only through web portal / submit via:

What are the conditions for franchising?

Magazine franchising in its traditional form is not possible.

What are the conditions for advertising in the magazine?

Products that are used in villas and have specific construction qualities are to be introduced in journal. It is noteworthy that Industries with potential to reduce energy consumption and reduce economic costs have special privileges for being introduced to architects and builders.

Which ideas will be supported by the magazine?

The magazine supports scientific researches, investigations, conversations, registration of contemporary villas, artworks and student works. It also supports business ideas and entrepreneurship in the legal field of villa industry.